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Dear Dream Seeker,

I have some good news, and I have some bad news. 

Let's get the bad news out of the way first...

The bad news is that the much anticipated Dream Life Workshop is over and you've missed it! 

I'm sorry you missed out because it was an event we'll never forget.


But Don't Worry Because The Good News Is...


I recorded every single second of the workshop for you!

And now you can start manifesting your own Dream Life from the comfort of your own home, or your office, or while you commute to work today. 

You can even start by simply watching from your phone as the entire workshop has been mobile optimized.


A Workshop Like No Other!

What makes this workshop so different than anything else is that it provides a detailed road map on how to finally achieve your magical Dream Life!

And instead of having to book tickets, travel to a far away city, and spend 2 full days in a conference room, you can enjoy all the benefits of the workshop from anywhere in the world on demand... in real-time... LIKE RIGHT NOW!

It's never been easier to attend one of my trainings and in this letter, I'm going to extend an invitation that will be almost impossible for you to refuse. 

You see...

I'm Not Much Different Than You.

Let me explain... 

My favorite quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson and he says...

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Personally, my path was pretty much set up for me. 

I excelled in sports in high school and had multiple offers to play college basketball. 

So I decided I'd go. 

First I'd go work at a summer camp and save some money. 

Then I was going to study business and get a degree and become really successful. 

Next I was going to get a big house and a gold watch and everything would be awesome! 

Only There Was One Big Problem...

I realized this actually wasn't my dream at all.

It was someone else's.

Have you ever felt like that?

Like you were living the life that other people wanted you to live instead of living the life you had always dreamed of?

Don't Worry. You're Not Alone.

There are literally millions of us and in this letter I'm going to show you how to break free of the shackles and societal conditioning that almost forces us to live a life that wasn't meant for us at all.

This sad truth reminds me of the famous Steve Jobs quote...

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

Steve Jobs

I Want You To Make Yourself A Promise...

I want you to promise yourself that from this day forward you're going to live the life that YOU want to live!

Not the life your parents, friends or family want you to live.

Not the life your teachers and educators want you to live.  

And definitely not the life society wants you to live. 

Now that may seem easier said than done and that's why I'm here today inviting you to...

Join The Dream Life Workshop!!!

When you join the Dream Life Workshop today you'll instantly put yourself in a position to excel and speed up your personal growth and development. 

Or you can continue on the path that you are on and keep getting the same results despite all your hard work and effort. 

In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret...

It's Not About How Hard You Work!

You can break your back working 16 hours a day and it still may not be enough because it's not about hard work.

It's about smart work and leveraging the laws of the universe that actually want to work in your favor. 

But most people are doing it all wrong!

And the truth is, once you discover the secrets to living your Dream Life, you'll actually realize it's almost effortless when you live in harmony with YOUR true desires. 

So there's 2 ways you can go... 

1. The Hard Way - (Other people's route)


2. The Easy Way - (Your route)

It Really Is That Simple!

You just have to give yourself permission to leap and take charge of your own dreams. 

Would you like to do that? 

Would you like to start seeing results in as little as an hour from now? 

Because that is completely possible!

You can begin your Dream Life today. It's not something you have to labor over for months and years.

There is nothing holding you back from experiencing it except for yourself. 

Just Imagine...

By this time next month you'll be fully present in the life you've always desired. 

You are eager to wake up each day because you know every second offers an opportunity to experience the bliss and happiness you deserve. 

You go to sleep each night comforted by the feeling that you accomplished everything you wanted to get done that day. 

And you look forward to the future because you know how much power you have over manifesting your destiny. 

You Have So Much Power! 

In fact, you have all the power you'll ever need if you just give yourself permission to access it and let me guide you through the process.

By now you may find yourself interested in this dream life idea but you're a bit unsure just how I can help you?

And that's totally fair.

It's not every day you come across a super positive long haired gentleman with a big smile on his face who's goal in life is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. 

But Today Is Far From A Normal Day!

Today is the day where you trust in yourself and begin to turn over a new leaf that's patiently been waiting for you to take action.

Today is the day where you Affirm Your Destiny and take the leap from that ledge of safety that's been holding you back. 

And today is the day where the old you is left in the past where it belongs. 

Listen, I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to teachers, guru's and mentors. There's a lot of great ones out there and I've been coached by many of them myself. 

I've had the privilege of studying with some of the all time greats when it comes to personal development and inner growth. 

I've also had the proud privilege of appearing on all of these prestigious media outlets that have asked me to come share my message with their audiences...

In Fact, You May Have Seen My Work On...

In The Dream Life Workshop You'll Discover

  • How to effortlessly live your life in a way that nurtures, inspires and rewards your true inner instincts. Sadly, most of us are living a life that we don’t always desire. We can do better!
  • The secret tactics of “Super High Achievers” and how they use these methods to manifest unlimited abundance into their lives.
  • Why the Law Of Attraction doesn’t work for 95% of people and how one little tweak can position you to attract everything you’ve ever desired.
  • What you must immediately do if you want to stop repeating past failures and start your new journey today! It’s actually much easier than you may imagine.
  • What never to say to yourself when trying to attract abundance into your life. Your words have meaning and it’s important to use them wisely.
  • PLUS - What you SHOULD repeatedly say to yourself to ensure you magnetize all that is good into your mind, body, and soul.
  • Seven unique stories that will stimulate wonder, passion, and real world action to help you get over any roadblocks or struggles that are holding you back. These will give you permission to set yourself free!
  • Wishing for a certain outcome will make it likely to happen right? WRONG! Day 2 will explain why wishing and dreaming isn’t enough if you want the ultimate dream life.
  • WARNING: Retailers, Therapists & Marketing Companies don’t want you to know these secrets because you will no longer need many of their products designed to keep you feeling in lack.
  • The amazing exercise you can do at home to reset your mind at will. If you’re ever feeling stressed, this will work wonders for you.
  • The sneaky ways professional therapists use to hypnotize their clients and program them for success. (Don’t worry, this can’t be done without your permission)
  • If you have ever tried the Law Of Attraction and it didn’t work like you had hoped, then you must try this simple technique that will help you slip into your Second Mind and become an attraction magnet.
  • When it’s safe to say “Screw It” and drop everything you’re currently doing and to start over.
  • The quickest and easiest way to true and lasting happiness. The beautiful thing is literally anyone can do it and it can be done almost in an instant.
  • The truth about success and why most people never achieve it. After discovering this truth you’ll look at every task in your life through a new lens.

What People Are Saying...

Jack Canfield

"Jake Ducey considers me his mentor, a role I relish. But Jake is an inspiration in my life too." - Jack Canfield (New York Times Bestselling Author and Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series - 500+ million copies sold)

Bob Proctor

"I’ve been studying this material of the mind for 55 years. I’ve worked all over the world and I’ve never come across someone in the 55 years just like Jake. He’s got it put together. He knows what he’s doing. Get into the program. Like that, your life can change!" - Bob Proctor (From the movie "The Secret")

John Gray

"Jake Ducey is the ideal ambassador of inspiration for this next generation. He'll be huge." - John Gray (Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)

Your Dream Life Workshop

Your about to get complete access to the 2 day workshop training broken up into 13 separate modules. You can binge watch them like a Netflix series, or break them up into bite size chunks and consume them over a few weeks. Not only are you going to receive the entire workshop recordings, when you order today you'll also get each of the following bonuses below...

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In the Affirm Your Destiny program you'll discover how to leverage love over fear to strategically create a destiny by design instead of a destiny left to chance. 

You'll tackle issues from money to health, forgiveness, confidence and more. We normally sell the Affirm Your Destiny program in our store for $47 but it's yours today for FREE when you invest in The Dream Life Workshop

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How To Transform Your Worst Mess Into A Message Of Hope & Inspiration! Turn your trials into triumphs. Your losses into wins. Your lows into highs.

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World renown speaker and peak performance trainer Bob Proctor will share with you the secrets of unlimited abundance. This special training will reveal the secrets to the ultimate paradigm shifts needed for massive success. This program is valued at $197 but in the right hands it could be worth millions! 

Below is a list of everything you're about to get when you order right now...

  • The Dream Life Workshop ($997 Value)
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That's a total retail value of... $1,335!

But if you act right now, you can get everything on this page for just...

Get The Dream Life Workshop Now!

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The Dream Life Workshop

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And Yes, You're Always Protected With Our 100% Iron Clad...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Give the Dream Life Workshop a try today and if you're not completely blown away by all the content and all the bonuses, I'll personally refund every penny on the spot. If you don't think this workshop is one of the best investments of your life, I simply don't want your money. It's as simple that. 


When we get old and reflect upon our lives, it won't be the things that we did that we'll regret the most. It will be all the things we didn't do that will leave us with a sense of loss. 

I hope that you read every word on this page and recognize the opportunity that is before you today. I can't promise you that I can change your life but I can promise you that you sure can!

Don't let your regrets of the past get in the way of your opportunities for the future. You are one small step away from achieving your Dream Life!

Much Love,

Jake Ducey


PS: As Albert Einstein once said, the definition of Insanity is...


"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

- Albert Einstein

So if you keep doing what you are doing now, you'll be in the same place next year. 

Let me help you manifest your ultimate Dream Life and take you to the next level. 

You'll get the entire 2 day bootcamp and access to all four of the generous bonuses absolutely for FREE!

And of course, you're always protected by our No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee for a full 30-Days so there is literally no reason to not spoil yourself and take a chance on The Ultimate Dream Life! 

I can't wait to see you inside!